The Man Whisperers’ Top 5 Tips: How To Get Any Guy To Approach You!

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Donna & Sam (known as The Man Whisperers) give their Top 5 Tips on…  How to Get Any Guy to Approach You

Most men actually want to approach you.  Only it takes a huge amount of courage to walk all the way across the bar with the sole intent to woo you when he doesn’t even know if you are single or married or remotely interested.   Some of the best guys don’t have this kind of courage.  So what do you do?  Make it easy for him to approach! Give him something to comment on!

1.        Wear a brightly colored stylish hat

A brightly colored stylish hat is an instant conversation piece.  Especially, a red or yellow one!  It gives men the opportunity to say something as easy as “Nice hat!”.  Then follow up with a big smile and a question.  “Thanks!  What do you think? Is it too bright?”  Or make a joke, “I’m glad you like it! It’s a bit of a fashion risk.”  That’s all you need to do.  Then let him take the lead and engage you in a conversation.

2.        Slow down… don’t move so fast

Life these days has gotten so busy that women put on make-up in their car while scarfing down a low calorie breakfast bar.  But all this rushing around doesn’t give men a window of opportunity to approach us.  So, slow down.  Give him a second to catch up with you.  Besides, men don’t find women who are “too busy” attractive anyway.

3.        Don’t wear too much make-up or be “perfectly” coiffed

One of the tests men give women is if we’re just as pretty in the morning as we were the night before. Meaning that when we “take our face off” (meaning wash off our make-up!) men want to know what’s underneath.   When asked who is the prettiest woman in the bar, most men will point out the woman with the least make-up.  Why?  Because if finds her attractive in her natural state… he imagines how hot she’ll be all dressed up!

4.       Try something new and need help

When you’re “perfect” it doesn’t leave any room for anyone else to become involved with you.  Ladies, we don’t need to have it all together all the time.  Try something new – like rock climbing – or a home project that will get you to Home Depot at 8PM on a Friday night and watch the men line up and try to help you carry a large palm.  You be pleasantly surprised just how wonderful men can be when they get to show off their knowledge about something they know a lot about.

5.       Leave your phone in your purse

So many women constantly look down at our phones.  And the signal that gives men is that we are BUSY!  Men don’t want to be rude.  So they aren’t going to interrupt a woman who is busy texing all her friends about the cute guy at Starbucks who she wished would walk over and say “Hi”.  So leave your phone in your purse.  Facebook can wait.  Smile and get some face time with quality men who love your new red hat!

What are your top tips how to get a guy to approach you?

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