The Man Whisperers’ Top 5 Tips: Getting A First Kiss!

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Donna & Sam (known as The Man Whisperers) give their Top 5 Tips on… Getting a First Kiss

The conversation is electric and you’re wishing, hoping and praying that he’s going to kiss you.  But you don’t want to steal his thunder and make the first move.  So how do you get the guy to pull you close and plant one on you?  Here’s how.

1.        Move in closer.

Move in closer to him.  Just a few inches.  Whether you’re on the couch, in the bar, at the movies or in his car. It sends a direct signal that you want to be near him.  And a kiss will be just around the corner.

2. Give him a small squeeze.

You can wait until he tells a joke and as you’re laughing you give his arm a small squeeze.  This is such a small gesture.  But it will wet his whistle and get him thinking that you are physically interested in him.

3. The Lingering Smile

Smile at him and hold it.  And hold it some more.  And hold that smile while looking into his eyes just a few seconds longer.  He may fall off his chair but without saying a word, you let him know that indeed you are kissable.

4. Compliment him.

That gives a man so much confidence.  More than we will ever know.  Find at least three things to compliment him on and you’ll pump up his self-esteem so much that when he’s thinking about taking the leap and going for the big kiss… fears of a bruised ego won’t get in the way as he tilts your chin up and kisses you at just the right moment.

5. Understand that some men are shy.

Too many women have struck men down to their knees after they went for a kiss.  By following steps 1-4, you’re sending clear signals that you are physically attracted to your date.  So you increase your chances of lip-locking 1000 percent.  But if, the rare dude, still doesn’t kiss you… wait.  See if he asks you out on another date.  If he does, repeat steps 1-

…. And if he still doesn’t kiss you, well, he may have an intimacy issues.  Hold on as long as you can as long as he seems worth the wait.

What are your top tips how to get a guy to kiss you?

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