The Man Whisperer Featured in The Sun UK

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Here’s a quick look at what the UK’s newspaper The Sun had to say about our 5-step process to getting what you want from a man and your relationship:

Meet The Man Whisperer …. HANDS up if you have ever nagged or whined at a man to get what you want.

Well, whisper it softly but there is a better way to make him see your point of view, without slamming doors, throwing a tantrum or sleeping in separate beds.

The Man Whisperer has led a quiet revolution since publication last year.

According to the guide by dating experts Samantha Brett and Donna Sozio, the cliché “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” rings true.

The best-selling authors claim that you will have men eating out of your hand if you learn to talk to them in a more appealing way and express your needs more succinctly.

The secrets of Man Whispering are broken down into five steps. Once you’ve mastered the subtle art you can use it on any fella.

Here Samantha tells NATASHA HARDING the key to relationship success in an exclusive whisper masterclass for The Sun. Shhhh!
Now get whispering…

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