The Man Whisperers have the answers!

What is Man Whispering? MWing (Man Whispering) is a new communication technique that every woman can use in everyday situations to solve those thorny problems with a man … and get him to do what she wants while letting him think it was his brilliant idea all along!

Who can Man Whisper? Every woman! Whether you’re single, married, in a long-term relationship or casually dating; whether you’re a career woman, a housewife, a mom or a frustrated partner who hasn’t been taken out in years, every woman can Man Whisperer. And remember, no matter how distant things have become in your relationship, you hold the key to turning around things for the better.

What are the benefits of Man Whispering? The beauty of Man Whispering is that it not only brings out the best in your man, it brings out the best in you. You’ll stop nagging, you’ll be more fulfilled, happier, less stressed and it creates a harmonious relationship with your partner devoid of arguments. It makes communicating seamless, easy and enjoyable, and devoid of stress. It gives men clues on how to be more romantic. And it also gives you the tools to say what you’ve always wanted to say but didn’t have the words.

Do men really like Man Whispering? Yes! All men want to be the “good guy” so MWing sets them up to believe they are. Hence he will feel as though he can please you every time and feel like he is your hero because he is so often doing things right.

Can you be a Man Whisperer and a Feminist? Absolutely! MWing is about equality in the boardroom and in our pay checks but we’ve discovered that in the bedroom, complimentary relationships work better than trying to be “equals” with your man. Complimentary relationships are where you leverage off each other’s strengths and do not try to be just like one another.

Is Man Whispering manipulation? No. There is no manipulating in MWing. It is a communication technique, or rather a technique that enables you to communicate your needs, desires an requests in a safe and nourishing way. This allows men to solve the problems and think it was their brilliant idea, which it is!

What are the Man Whispering  No-Nos: Forget about “hinting”… use MWing to tell him how you feel and don’t try to read his mind or think that he can read yours! And most importantly, no more NAGGING! With MWing, you never have to nag again. Now how brilliant is that!?


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