Two of the World’s Most Renowned Dating Experts and Communication Gurus FINALLY Unlock the Astonishing Secrets to Really
Communicating with Men!

When two of the world’s most renowned dating experts put their heads together to work out how to better communicate with the men in their lives, they came up with the ultimate solution. After extensive trial and error, interviews with thousands of men, gurus and communication specialists, Donna and Sam have finally unleashed the art of Man Whispering for the very first time!


Samantha Brett is Australia’s #1 dating expert, author, journalist, TV & radio presenter. She is the author of three books, including the new bestseller “The Chase” and writer of the long-standing top news blog in Australia ASK SAM for the Sydney Morning Herald (www.smh.com.au/asksam).

As an author, columnist, writer, TV and radio host, she is featured daily on media outlets across the globe including the E! Channel’s “SEXIEST”, expounding wisdom on all things dating, relationships and sex. Her interactive column “ASK SAM”, made it’s debut in 2006 with the first post being titled “Why I Hate Valentine’s Day”. After getting 50,000 readers and over 200 comments, the column quickly climbed it’s way to being the most widely read blog in Australia, according to official polls.

An exciting young Australian talent, Samantha Brett has lived and worked as a journalist in New York at The Fox News Channel, in Los Angeles and Sydney.She has written for many prominent magazines and newspapers including Cosmo, FHM, Vogue, 9to5 Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Sun Herald and currently writes regular advice columns for Cosmo and FHM.

Sam has recently created, produced and hosted a television series titled “The S- Word: Sex Secrets USA” filmed in LA and New York interviewing the world’s top psychologists, authors, celebrities and sexperts, including Heidi Klum, Eva Mendes and Neil Strauss, on all things sex, dating and relationships.

Her quick wit and charm has also meant that Sam has been asked to be the face and spokesperson for a number of high-end brands including Impulse fragrance, Magnum Icecream, Virgin Mobile, Sidekick, Herbal Essences and more…

Sam is currently writing her fourth book and bides her time between LA and Sydney.



Donna Sozio is a regular radio, TV, and magazine media personality. A dating expert, communication guru, and author of the hit dating books The Man Whisperer and Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers, Donna teaches women what they need to know to meet men, keep men and how to have better relationships.

Her sound relationship advice has received hundreds of hundreds of thousands of hits on MSN Video and has appeared in/on the Tyra Banks Show, Early Show, Fox News, Good Day LA, GMTV, Seventeen Magazine, Yahoo! Personals, Match.com, Lavalife.com and many more.

Donna began her career in the limelight as an actor.  She is an entertaining powerful speaker and guest and has performed and emceed in-store events at Luis Vuitton, Macys, and Bloomingdales to packed out audiences.  She was also the L.A. correspondent for FashionAir.com’s Style Diary produced by Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment.  She has also spoken at universities such as Florida International University.

In her spare time, Donna loves to travel to islands around the world and write romantic comedies inspired by her friend’s crazy dating adventures.


Donna and Sam are available 24/7 for interviews, appearances, special events, and book signings across the country and internationally.


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